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Welcome to KAPPA III

The Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy III (KAPPA III) is located at 2055 Mapes Avenue, between 179th and 180th Streets. In the first year of KAPPA III (2003-2004), we began with 60 fifth graders from all across the region. Each year we have increased the number of students and we, now, house grades six through eight. This year, KAPPA III will have 350, each placed in one of the following homeroom classes: Princeton, Yale or Harvard. Our homerooms are named after Ivy-League Institutions in preparation for college readiness. As a sign of professionalism and to develop college mindset, students refer to all teachers as professors, and to themselves as scholars.

KAPPA III provides a rigorous, accelerated academic program that prepares our scholars to attend high performing public and private high schools, graduate from our country’s top universities, and then to take their place as America’s next generation of civic leaders. At KAPPA III, we believe that all scholars can surpass the goals set by the city and state, if provided with a nurturing environment, where parents, faculty and the administration work together toward the common goal of providing a quality education to the scholars in the community.
Incentives are a constant factor at KAPPA III; we find it provides positive increases in work habits, self-esteem, intrinsic motivation, and a cooperative classroom environment for all students. Trips are planned to support instruction, and develop cultural, artistic/social knowledge and skills.
School pride contributes to a positive school culture. Scholars must show school pride by singing the KAPPA III song and the KAPPA III chant with respect daily during morning routines and at all assemblies. The expectation is that all scholars can achieve high standards academically. Scholars will have an opportunity to show school spirit through activities and community service during the school year.
Scholars in all grades (6, 7 & 8) must report Monday through Friday at 8:30 until 2:50 pm. 

KAPPA III Alumni Testimonials

Crystal Belmont
KAPPA III’s First Collegiate Graduating Class
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Stony Brook University 

KAPPA III helped me academically and professionally through various methods. My work ethic was developed during my time there. Through an extensive workload I learned how to properly manage my time in order to complete various homework assignments in a timely fashion. I was exposed to two new languages, Italian and music. This exposure allowed me to challenge myself and take part in more than a conventional education. The students of KAPPA III have always been held up to high expectations and this standard motivated me to do and be the best I could ever be. KAPPA III prepared me not only academically but professionally as well. As a former student of the Model United Nations program, I was able to represent a country and develop a proposal. We were able to go to the United Nations and sit at an assembly for students and represent our assigned countries. Other opportunities that allowed professional development and discipline included career days, rehearsing and preparing for music and dance shows, visiting prestigious universities and having the opportunity to meet the ambassador of Papua New Guinea.

Greatschools.org Testimonials

I am a alumni of Kappa III, class 2007. This school has prepared me for the future. Within High school I was able to maintain a 95 overall average and above on my report cars. The rigorous environment, studies, and teachers are the foundation of my educational life. I am now graduating from high school and entering Manhattanville College(34,350 tuition) with a full scholarship. I truly am grateful. Thank you.

– submitted by a community member, May 21, 2011

I’ll admit that this school is really strict and takes some getting used to. However, the majority of kids that leave can not wait to visit again and I guarantee you that they’re grateful that they went to this school.

– submitted by a community member, December 30, 2010


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