Code of Conduct

An effective discipline code of conduct is directly related to the excellence of the overall educational program and the school’s philosophy of education. KAPPA III’s philosophy of discipline is based on the belief that teaching scholars to be responsible is an ongoing process that will help them to internalize values and help them make sound ethical and moral judgments.

The KAPPA III School is a community of individuals who are expected to demonstrate the three C’s (Character, Courage and Caring) at all times. Our goal for school discipline is to provide structure and control without alienating and overly regulating scholars.

The KAPPA III strives to help our scholars develop: 
A social conscience
An open-mindedness and respect for individual differences
A respect for the rights of others
A capacity for self-motivation and self-discipline
A positive and tolerant attitude toward self and others
Good self esteem

Uniform Policy

To ensure that scholars and families are prepared for the school year, we wanted to make you aware of the policies we have set in place regarding our uniform. 

Scholars are expected to come to school in full uniform on a daily basis.  Below please find a breakdown of the uniform policy.

  • Uniforms must be worn during Pledge Week.
  • Sneakers, boots, hats, sweatshirts, and any hooded shirts may not be worn in class.
  • Electric device are not allowed in School/Class.
  • Large or excessive jewelry may NOT be worn
  • Uniform consists of:
    • KAPPA III button down shirt (blue for boys, white for girls)
    • Khaki pants (for boys/girls)
    • Plaid skirts for girls (khaki skirts are not part of KAPPA III Uniform, only khaki pants).
    • Black, white/blue  socks or tights(no mix-match socks allowed)
    • Black shoes, both boys and girls must wear belts at all times.(girls if necessary)
    • Gym Shirts must be ordered from Flynn & O’Hara (Button down Navy blue sweater or sweater vest can be ordered from Flynn & O’Hara). Shirts or sweaters are not allowed without KAPPA III logo.

      *Uniforms Must Be Worn At All Times – No Exceptions*

      UNIFORMS must be ordered from:

      Flynn & O’Hara Website

      or by visiting the store – Click the map below for directions.

      Flynn & O’Hara
      136 Westchester Square, Bronx, NY 10461
      (718) 863-7561

Standards of Excellence


All scholars will:

Demonstrate respect for all by establishing respectful relationships with peers and school staff.
Demonstrate KAPPA ‘s three C’s: Caring, Courage and Character 
Follow Code of Conduct
Avoid infractions on or off school grounds
Demonstrate pride in KAPPA III when reciting the KAPPA III Song, Pledge and Subject Chants.
Demonstrate understanding of KAPPA III’s assertive discipline by clapping to attention, remaining quiet for further instruction and use one-way traffic when walking the hallway and classroom.


All scholars will:
Internalize and adhere to the contents of the Letter of Standards of Excellence (Click here to download)
Academic Performance: Complete all school-based projects, reports, etc. on a timely basis
Aim to pass all subject classes, every marking period


All scholars will:
Maintain a 95% or higher attendance rate
Recognize that good attendance and punctuality will maximize achievement and enhance their learning experience. Therefore any student that arrives after 8:10 am will be considered late and received detention.
Complete all homework assignments daily and read for thirty minutes every evening
Participate in an academic after-school program. In addition, scholars are encouraged to participate in KAPPA III’s enrichment program, such as sports and clubs programs.

8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony

Each scholar must complete three years of middle school in order to be promoted to high school.

Once in the 8th grade, there is a Leadership/Team building overnight camping trip, KAPPA III has teamed up with YMCA Becket, MA.
Each scholar will be given a graduation package in November/December, giving parents information and a timeline for payment.
Our Moving-Up Ceremony is held in our school auditorium and gym for guest and we at KAPPA III consider this be a moving up ceremony, thus we do not provide cap and gown to our scholars.

All 8th grade scholars are initially invited to participate in the Moving-Up Ceremony at the end of the year.  This ceremony recognizes the successful completion of the academic course requirements for eighth grade and provides a symbolic transition to high school.  To qualify for participation, scholars must demonstrate success in their academic program of studies and follow the Code of Conduct as established by Standards of Excellence.  Scholars that earn a 64% or below in three or more of their core academic subjects (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language) will have their record reviewed by administration.  Additionally, scholars with disciplinary records of concern will also have their record reviewed by administration.  Parents will be notified about their child’s eligibility to participate in the ceremony once final grade are calculated.
Graduation Package consist of:

Stole, T-Shirt, Yearbook
Key Chain, Diploma Case, Drawstring Bag
Autograph Book

These items are optional:
Ring, Picture
(Content varies year to year)

Anti-Bullying Commitment

KAPPA III Middle School believes that every scholar has the right to feel safe, secure, and accepted regardless of sexual orientation, color, race, gender, popularity, athletic ability, intelligence, religion, or nationality.

Bullying means any intentional written, electronic, verbal, or physical act against another scholar.

Examples of bullying are:

Placing a scholar in fear of substantial harm to his/her emotional or physical well-being.
Creating a hostile, threatening, humiliating, or abusive environment due to persistent actions.
Perpetuating bullying by soliciting or coercing an individual or group to demean, dehumanize, embarrass, or cause emotional or physical harm to another scholar.
Bullying causes pain and stress to victims and is never justified or excusable as “just teasing.”  The victim is never responsible for being a target of bullying.