Yoga and Exercise

How exercise Makes you Smarter and a Better Student


10-Minute Yoga For Beginners

20 Minute Yoga For Complete Beginners

30-Minute Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Teens

30 minute Beginner Yoga

10 Minute morning Yoga


12 Minute Yoga for Kids

10 minute Morning Yoga for Beginners

Beginner Full Body Yoga

30 mintes Yoga for Kids

10 minute Yoga for the Classroom

HIIT and Fitness

Virtual PE Class - 10 Minute Cardio Pump

Core Strength Workout for Kids and Teens

Core Workout/ABS Workouts for Beginners

Virtual PE class

10 Minute HIIT

15 Minute Kid-Friendly HIIT Workout [Ages 5 +]

10 min Kids Cardio Workout - HIIT - 30s/20s Intervals

Kids HIIT Workout

Mental Health Brain Exercises

Coping Skill for Middle School and High School Kids: Taking Deep Breaths

Coping Skill Ideas for Middle and High School Kids

Brain Break for Elementary School: Taking Deep Breaths

Brain Break: Deep Breathing and Grounding